We cater for any occasion - baby or bridal showers, parties, family gatherings and much more. And for these occasions, we easily supply various kinds of platters such as savoury, sweet, hot meals or cold. All platters are made with excellence, super tasty and appealing, freshly made specifically for your occasion. And we go out of our way to always give the very best value for your money.

Need ideas for

How about: Mince or chicken mini pies, mini savoury tarts, mini vetkoek, mini meatballs, buffalo wings, chicken strips, steak strips, cheese grillers, mini pizzas, biltong bites, cheese straws, savoury scones, corn or cheese fritters, marmite fritters, pizza wheels, mini spinach quiches, mini ham and cheese quiches, bacon bites, peppadews filled with feta cheese, bacon with cherries or dates, mini asparagus tarts. Then theres toasted hotdog discs with various toppings (eg. cheese, grated polony with mayonaise, egg mayonaise, etc.).

And what about a cheese board with a selection of cheeses such as cheddar, brie, blue cheese, cream cheese, feta, etc. - served with sweet chilli sauce, crackers (such as salticrax, tuc, etc). These cheese boards can also be served with nuts, olives, grapes, chopped biltong and dry wors pieces, peppadews filled with feta cheese, etc.

What about

And for the sweet tooth, we have a variety of mouth watering deserts and snacks such as shells filled with pineapple, caramel and flake, lemon curd, milktart, peppermint, cremora, cottage cheese.

Then we also have other favourites such as tipsy tarts, lemon meringue tarts, chocolate eclairs, date balls, lamingtons, cream horns, custard eclairs, banana puffs, fresh strawberries with points covered in chocolate, jam tarts, apple tarts, apple pastrie, etc.
Save the day with homemade cheese spread!
Brighten up a regular snack in a jiffy - it goes with everything, not just bread.
Just the unique taste will have you cheery...

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